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A Sustainable Future Through Organic Waste Recycling

At EarthSOS, we believe in the power of innovation and environmental stewardship. Led by Will Hansen, we are a small team of passionate individuals dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to the pressing issue of climate change. Our journey began with a vision to remove all organic waste from landfill – revolutionising organic waste recycling in the process. Six years on, our scalable and modular system, powered by specialised enzymes, can convert end-of-life organics into a valuable soil conditioner within just four hours.

About Us
About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold – to reduce biogenic methane emissions from landfill through effective organic waste recycling solutions, and to promote community-driven initiatives for a greener, healthier world. By strategically placing our systems around Aotearoa New Zealand, we aim to achieve 100% elimination of organic materials going to landfills.

Our values

Be good ancestors

We will preserve and restore our natural environment by recognising organic materials as a valuable resource, instead of just a waste stream.

Be the change

We will contribute to the reduction of biogenic methane emissions, aligning with the Climate Change Commission’s ambitious 40% target by 2035.

Grow hope

We will provide communities with a practical way to lower their carbon footprint. We’ll improve well-being through job creation and local food systems.

Make it easy

We will make dealing with organic waste easy, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Calculate your emissions savings

Calculate your emissions savings